Thursday, 26 May 2016

Madame Charlotte.

If you think it is to worm for this wonderful apple pie you have to definitely move to Scotland. It doesn’t matter if it’s January, April or May. Be aware! Take your scarf with you and make sure in the place you are going to you can find something what can worm you up. The weather in here has own rules. Forever fall! Seems to be sunny but as soon as you will put first step outside the wind/rain will see you, will feel you, will come! So put your Wellingtons and water proof coat on. Run to the closest supermarket, buy some apples and enjoy you afternoon with cake and tea.(polish version below)

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Simple Salmon quiche.

Day 17th of may I officially pronounce the worst one in entire 2016. It was the most depressed day I remember. Everything went wrong yesterday, too many bad memories, too much bad news. I couldn't even enjoy the fact, 2 years ago yesterday, was born my beautiful nephew Maxim who seems to be the happiest French citizen. Thanks God this day exist just in the past and today it’s a new day. I was wondering what to do to make myself feel better and I found my peace in the kitchen. It’s incredible how the things you love can cheer you up. Salmon quiche is one of my favorite savory snacks. I took the easy way out and I used ready shortcrust pastry. Enjoy and share simple home cooking. (polish version below)

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sunday bite!

Free Sunday is an amazing privilege. You can stay longer in your bed. You can to explore new horizons. You can catch up with your friend. Read the book you always wanted to know. Finish your favorite series. Prepare a breakfast for people you love. Today I choose myself. I have devoted my free time to these passions thus I created excellent Sunday bite. Tiny, maybe funny you think but nothing makes me feel better than something well made. Literally It’s a piece of haven on the plate. (Polish version below.)